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People come together to plan

The next picture is from Brazil, where people come together to plan how to reach people who live in the difficult places in the country and around the world. 

Someone was willing to go out and preach

The next picture also comes from Africa and shows a young woman who has just accepted Jesus. Someone was willing to go out and preach the good news.

500,000 children prayed and shared

In Africa, over 500,000 children have prayed and shared their faith with others. To see so many young people going out to share their faith, as in this picture from Angola is encouraging.

Over 100 different groups came together

Over the past two weeks, over 100 different groups, from Campus for Christ to Evangelism Explosion to the World Evangelical Alliance and YWAM, among many others, have come together to reach the world for Jesus. Here are some of the pictures showing what God is...

Encouraging members to share their faith

This is one of the posters used in churches to encourage members to continue spreading their faith. When someone does this, people will come to know Jesus.

Major meeting in Denver

A Denver meeting of the GO Coalition took place with 20 partners from global organizations, communities and networks met to discuss the strategy for the next year. The coalition evolved the GO Movement for the next decade reaching the 110 most unreached cities with...

555 days evangelizing: Upping the ante

Werner Nachtigal states: “Anyone can up the ante again. You just start. Our goal is to mobilize 100 million Christians reaching one person once a month."Of course, there are days when people say they're a nut or they can pray for themselves.There are people who are...

555 days evangelizing: Until it’s a lifestyle

"It's now normal to talk to someone and if someone says they're depressed, you tell them you're hoping, you don't have to think much longer, it's a lifestyle," says Aviel Fix.Aviel Fix started his "Ona a Day" series before Werner Nachtigal, with a few gaps. "I did...

555 days evangelizing: Shape in the night

So it goes from story to story. "A teammate in football, a Muslim, said he's been addicted to drugs for years and can't get out. He said that it's crazy what I'm saying, whether I could pray for him - of course I was happy to do that. Or another Muslim said to me...

555 days evangelizing: Freed from violence

Aviel Fix, evangelist in the GO Movement team, reaches people via Lovoo, among other things. «On this app I told a young man about Jesus. He decided to live with Jesus and said it was awesome, the pressure he had for years, which had always driven him to hit people...

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