Everyone can reach someone.
Together we can reach the world!

What is the GO MOVEMENT?

GO MOVEMENT mobilizes and equips every believer to be a witness and to unite organizations and churches to work together to reach the world with the Gospel.

Many denominations, local churches, ministries, and networks are involved with the movement. The month of May is a joint catalytic emphasis with GO MONTH and GO DAY. With the goal to inspire believers for an ongoing evangelistic lifestyle and to reach during the GO DECADE the entire world with the Gospel by 2030.


We invite you to be part of GO MOVEMENT. Together we can reach the world!

Let's GO!

5 weeks in May for every believer to pray, care, share.


Global Outreach Day. Everyone can reach someone on the last Saturday in May.

Intensifying prayer, evangelism, and disciple-making to reach the entire world by 2030.

The new year brings new names:


Global Outreach Day is now GO DAY

GO 2020, GO 21 (and all following years) is the GO MOVEMENT

Global Outreach Day and GO 2020 is the GO MOVEMENT focused on sharing the Gospel, praying for the lost, and making disciples of Christ. The Month of May is GO MONTH with GO DAY (Global Outreach Day) a joint, annual series of evangelistic outreaches.   

These outreaches ignite an ongoing lifestyle of every believer to witness and reach the world in 10 years' during the GO DECADE.

In a joint, collaborative effort 656 million people could be reached with the Gospel during GO 2020. The Corona pandemic threw the world into a historic crisis. But it also brought a great openness to the Gospel. Let us, therefore, continue to mobilize every believer to be a witness. Together we can reach 1 billion people with the Gospel in the year 2021.


Mobilizing 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in 2021.

GO 21 is the first annual campaign of the GO Decade.
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