GO 2020 continues after Global Outreach Day!

Together we can reach the world!

GO Decade

The goal of GO Decade is to intensify evangelism to reach every person on earth with the Gospel one or more times by the end of 2030.

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GO 21

GO 21 is the first annual campaign of the GO Decade with the goal of mobilizing 100 M Christians to share the Gospel in 2021.

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10 years of Global Outreach

Celebrate with us!
Watch our 10 years anniversary livestream and get the free e-book.

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GO 2020 report:


• 50 M Christians sharing the Gospel

• 656 M people reached with the Gospel

• 9.4 M people got saved

(Estimated numbers according to first report from our partners, as of July 29, 2020)


Thank you! Only by standing together this was possible!



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GO Christmas Outreach Team Ministers in Tanzania

Global Outreach Day Coordinator Bishop Daudi Nyamita led a team that passed out Gospel tracts and preached on the streets before a crusade.

Christians Reach More Than 100,000 People on 'All Souls Day' in Brazil

"All Souls Day" is a Catholic holiday of commemorating those who have passed away as believers but still considered to be in purgatory. The…

Over 200,000 People Reached With the Gospel in Porto Alegre

Pastor Marcio Cesar, a coordinator for Global Outreach Day, has led outreaches in Porto Alegre, RS in Brazil. He said the team reached more than…

20,000 New Believers Baptized in the Dominican Republic

The coronavirus pandemic didn't stop the baptisms of thousands of new believers in the Dominican Republic from October 30th to Nov. 2, 2020. The…

GO Movement: Global Outreach Team Aims to Reach One Million People in Tanzania

Churches are preaching the Gospel through open meetings in Tanzania. Christians are also sharing Christ in the streets. The team in Tanzania led…

GO Movement: Over 3,000 People Accept the Lord in the South Sudan

The global Go2020 in South Sudan was so amazing to the extent that our teams were so excited and more eager to continue go out to the various…

GO Movement: 17 Coffee Shops Touched with the Love of Jesus

Two weeks ago, we had a youth conference in Geneva and we had to send around 70 young people in outreach. But we didn’t have any room to gather…

GO Movement: Over 20 Churches Host Outreach Together

Last Saturday, October 17th, at Avenida Paulista, at Masp in São Paulo, more than 20 churches worked together to host 7 hours of uninterrupted…

GO Movement: Christians Bring Hope on German Unity Day

We celebrate the wonders of God's work in Germany. On German Unity Day, October 3rd, Germans celebrate the wall coming down in Berlin between…

In a joint, collaborative effort 656 million people could be reached with the Gospel during GO 2020. The Corona pandemic threw the world into a historic crisis. But it also brought a great openness to the Gospel. Let us, therefore, continue to mobilize every believer to be a witness. Together we can reach 1 billion people with the Gospel in the year 2021.



Sharing the Gospel every week. God can use everyone!


A joint outreach day on every last Saturday every month.


Sharing the Gospel one-on-one, online, discipling new believers.



December 2020:              
GO CHRISTMAS - Christmas Outreaches

Be part of it!



God can use everyone. Here are some ideas about how you can spread hope:


1. Write down 5 people, 2. pray for them, 3. share with them

Pray: "Lord, lead me to five people each month for whom I can daily pray and then create opportunities for me to share with them the good news of Christ."


Pray for your neighbors, friends, colleagues etc. Care practically for the needs and share the Gospel as it fits best to the situation.


Share your personal testimony how you became a believer one-on-one or on social media with the hashtags #hopestory #bestdayofmylife. Nominate 5 others to do the same.


As a church you can invite to online / offline meetings where new believers can start their journey with God.

Who is your someone?

Everyone can reach someone – together we can reach the world!

Please respect the guidelines of your government concerning social distancing.

The world is in the biggest crisis since world war second. Many people are stirred up and looking for answers. Therefore, let us share hope beyond fear so people can receive Christ in the middle of their challenging situation. There are many ways you can be a witness. Do it your way.

Continue to share the Gospel as a believer and also together as a church if possible. Pray for five people each month, your personal My5, and share the good news with them.



GO Days ? Every last Saturday of each month


GO Christmas ? Reach out in December


Mobilizing 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in 2021.

GO 21 is the first annual campaign of the GO Decade.
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Pray for 5 people and tell them about Jesus

Freedom Flash Mob

Perform the Freedom Flash Mob dance and show the Freedom in Jesus Christ!

Joint Outreach

Do evangelistic live streams and small group meetings. Offer online courses about faith, send a series of emails encouraging people, share the Good News on social media, and help people.

#bestday ofmylife

create a 1 min video and post your testimony on social media

Amazing Grace

Bring Amazing Grace onto the streets and social media, sing about it!

Hope Weekend

Pray on Friday, evangelize on Saturday, celebrate God on Sunday

Month of Miracles

pray for the sick and share the Gospel


Explain the Gospel using THE FOUR symbols

Global Day of Hope

Share Hope jointly on the last Saturday, August 29th, 2020

GO Day

Reach at least one person every last Saturday from June till August

Pray Care Share

Pray for the people, meet their needs and share the Gospel.

Do it your way!

Get creative, share hope your own way!

Be a part of GO 21. Download the "3 Steps Training" and other helpful resources. Register your church and submit your goals.