A Sample Agenda for GO MONTH

Below is an outline of weekly activities with special events in May you can integrate into your GO Month plan.


Week 1: PRAY

You can pray for people to be saved and offer prayer to somebody.

  • May 1st: Worldwide prayer day to launch GO MONTH
  • First Sunday in May (May 2nd, 2021): Launch GO MONTH in your church service


Week 2: CARE

Show compassion, help people in need, share God’s love through words and service projects.

  • Saturday (May 15th, 2021): Media Outreach Day with the Internet, Radio, TV


Week 3: SHARE

Share your personal testimony with others. Your story can change a life forever.

  • Saturday, (May 22nd, 2021): Creative Outreach Day with music, arts, and creativity
  • Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd, 2021): Sending every believer to be a witness



Joint outreaches to announce and proclaim the Good News. At GO DAY every believer around the world is sharing the Gospel with one person.

  • Saturday (May 29th, 2021): GO DAY (Global Outreach Day)



Follow up on people and new believers. Initiate the discipleship process end of May, beginning of June.