Regaining faith

Mari Jose, a 38 year old Venezuelan from the Guarico State, was walking away from the Lord even though she already knew Him. Her life turned complicated when her first child was born with respiratory problems. She continued to go on with her life but she was shocked by very hard news when her second son, Arón, was born with sickle cell anemia, that is a red blood cell disorder in which there aren't enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body.

The more Mari Jose was investigating her son's disease, the more she went deeper into sadness. This sadness became a depression and she isolated herself and hardly left the house for fear that something would happen to her little son. She rarely prayed because she had lost hope and was only able to see darkness around her.

Mabel, her neighbor, invited her to attend the children's church, that now has the support of Global Outreach Day, enabling them to share with the children a meal along with the bible teaching. Maribel knew Mari Jose had two young children that could enjoy the fellowship on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning. For a few months Mari José said yes to the invitation but the depression stopped her. Mabel continued inviting her neighbor and in December last year Marí José arrived at the “Nueva Generación” Children's Church! There she heard the children sing praises and she felt shaking chills. For the first time in years she felt peace and she stopped feeling alone. In the children's classes she was reminded that the Lord works miracles and now Mari Jose prays every day for her son's health to our Lord Jesus with hope in her heart.
—In the church there´s an atmosphere of peace and encouragement, now I´m serving with the children and I can see that there are problems in their families so when their parents come to pick them up I take the opportunity to give them the encouragement and hope that I received. Mari José said.
Thank God for people like Mabel who insists on those in need of hope. We join them to pray for Aron's health. Please pray with us. Our Lord loves Venezuela and wants to extend his mercy to the entire nation and G.O. D. is being part of this.

Mabel with purple wig beside her, Mari Jose and her children in the front.

Written by Briseida Rodríguez




GO Movement


Thu, 03/12/2020