World Prayer Together Online Gathering Facilitates United Prayer for Reaching the Unreached

We want to personally thank you for your involvement in the World Prayer Together May 1st prayer event! Thank you for your anointed intercession, Christ-exalting worship, and your sacrifice of time, resources and mobilization of networks to bring all this together! We give God all the Glory! It was so incredible to see so many nations, denominations, and generations praying together in agreement for the gospel to be proclaimed to every nation!

We partnered together with Go 2020, a month-long prayer, mission and evangelism effort for the month of May that seeks to mobilize 100 million believers to pray for and reach one billion still unreached by the Gospel. We launched this Go2020 initiative with this online prayer meeting on May 1st with prayer and mission leaders throughout the world. Over 100 nations participated and it was translated live in 12 languages, with over 16 different media streams! The video is still active on the website to watch and pray!

· 644,000 views (individual devices)

· 208,000 playbacks (most accurate number of those participating in prayer with us on the call).

· The broadcast was shared 1297 times on Facebook.

· The prayer service had a live chat stream on Facebook with over 4,000 comments

· 64 decisions for Christ including several rededications

· Several regional prayer and missions networks were mobilized throughout the world to pray for Go2020 on May 1st

-In Brazil they mobilized 85,000 to pray.

-Indonesia mobilized hundreds of cities to join in united prayer for Go2020 on May 1st.

-Both Nigeria and South Africa mobilized thousands to pray! Hundreds of thousands were mobilized to pray throughout India!

-Eric Watt director of RUN ministries reported, “every house church in our movement (1.8 million worldwide) called for prayer and fasting for

the nations to know Jesus. We estimate this to be 38 million adults plus children praying in united prayer for Go2020 and the harvest”

· The Go2020 Children’s Network mobilized millions of children in prayer throughout the nations! This included on the call children from

the Children's Equipping Center, an outreach of IHOPKC, Hadassah Lawson, a 13-year-old evangelist who led 2,000 people to Christ this last year, and a powerful young intercessor from the Royal Kids in India. We were also honored to have Stephan Paul Ocampo, and Sarah Mutya on the call with us, who mobilized the Global Uprising Young Adult movement to join us!

· Prayer was mobilized for the Unreached Peoples of the World. Jenny Oliphant reports, “From the first day of January 2020, there have been cycles of 40 days, to pray and fast for what God is doing Globally through the Go2020 vision. We have prayed daily for a people group where they have very little access to hear about and follow Jesus, we have linked arms with other global prayer initiatives occurring throughout the year, and also involved children and youth with a 40 days calendar. We will continue with the 5th season of 40 days on 10th June to "Conserve the Harvest",

Season 6 in July and August will be a Children's edition. Go to to download the prayer guide and also book a slot in the online Upper Room, to pray with your friends or team,"

The four-hour prayer service focused on prayer for those in our own communities who don't know Christ as well as the unreached people groups in the far reaches of the earth that are still prevented by linguistic, cultural and religious barriers from having a witness for Christ. The gathering was co-hosted by John Robb, chairman of the International Prayer Council and Jason Hubbard, executive coordinator of the IPC. Both are members of the Go 2020 Prayer Taskforce along with other leaders from many different prayer streams. The World Prayer Together meeting brought together leaders such as Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer; Dick Eastman, Every Home for Christ; Reverend David Mohan, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in India; Bishop Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Church of God in Nigeria; Bekele Shanko, Vice President of CRU and Global Church Movements Chairman, GACX; Austen Ukachi, director of MANI; Onassis Jeeveraj, Go2020 national director India; Ann Low, SE Asia Prayer Council; Rick Ridings, Succat Hallel in Jerusalem; Leslie Keegel, Global Chair of Foursquare; Brian Heasley, the International Prayer Director of 24-7; Lou Engle, the Send; Daniel Pandji, My Home Indonesia; Sarah Lee, All Nations Intercessors in South Korea; Yanira Gonzalez, leader of CLAMOR, the Latin American Prayer Council and many, many other leaders. It was also a joy and honor to welcome two men of God from the Catholic charismatic renewal movement, Dr. Johannes Hartl from Germany and Deacon Johannes Fictenbauer from Austria who also led in prayer.

“This is an unprecedented hour for humanity. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, we face one of the greatest challenges of modern history. At such a time, Christians need to come together in prayer and reach out to others with Christ’s life-transforming Good News to those still without hope!” -John Robb

Moving forward

· Let’s continue to pray and witness to five people in our circle of influence who still do not know Christ and keep on asking for a billion souls to follow Jesus in this coming decade! For more info on different prayer strategies as well as helpful resources for prayer go to

· Let’s join in praying for the unreached peoples of the world through the 40 day prayer guide and by finding national and regional lists of UPGs and resources for prayer and mission on

· The next prayer call this month will be “One Miracle Night” hosted by the Jesus Film, a 24 hour prayer effort for the 48 Muslim majority countries,

May 19th, 8am (EDT) – 20th 8am. The link for the broadcast will be here at and I attached the poster below!

“May the Lamb who was slain receive the due reward for his sufferings”

We are so honored you could join us. We love you and we bless you!

Dr. Jason Hubbard, Executive Coordinator of the International Prayer Council

John Robb, Chairman of International Prayer Council

Werner Nachtigal (Global Outreach Day, Go2020)

David Demian (Watchmen for the Nations)




GO 2020