Ethiopia GO 2020: One phone call transform's a family

In east Harergie in the district called Tulo, there is a volunteer named Gosa Shimelis. Gosa is the MC2 (Multiplying Churches and Communities) church planters Coach in one of the clusters. Due to the current pandemic they cannot reach people as usual.

In spite of that, Gosa reached out to five people every day using a mobile phone call. In one day, Gosa connected with Addis Gulilat via phone call and shared with her the love of Christ. Then she told him that her mother is seriously sick. She has seen many doctors but no solution. Currently, she is under the witchdoctor’s care for her healing. Adding that she told to Gosa, if he pray to her mother and her mother get recovered, Addis confirms she will accept Jesus Christ.

Then Gosa asked three of his Christian brothers to pray for Addis' mother and Addis mother got miraculous healing and she recovered. Seeing this, Addis came to the place where Gosa lived and received Jesus Christ. Now Addis and her all family decided to follow Christ.




GO 2020


Wed, 05/13/2020