USA GO 2020: Man raised from the dead

In north Shewa, a town called Sendafa, there was a man named Tarto Hunde. A volunteer trained in church planting, Shewan Gizaw, told Hunde about Christ, But, Hunde was unwilling to accept Jesus Christ. After a while, Hunde got sick for two weeks and died.

The family brought a casket to bury him. At this time, Shewan Gizaw and a few Christians went to the Hunde's house and they told the family that he didn’t die but they will pray for him. The desire to pray for Hunde divided the family. A few of the family members supported the idea of the church planter and the others rejected the idea and pushed to bury Hunde's body.

However, the church planter’s idea won and while they started praying the dead body got warmer and warmer, and finally he wake-up. Seeing the revelation of the glory of the Lord, all the family and the people were amazed. Most of the people who were there accepted Jesus Christ. And a church was started with 25 new believers in the person’s house. (Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia)


United States


GO 2020


Wed, 05/13/2020