Ethiopia GO 2020: 26 People Came to Christ In One Sermon

In a place called Dobie, near to Hollota lives a young vibrant man, named Sintayehu Sorsa. After he was trained in the MC2 (Multiplying Churches and Communities) program, Sintayehu went back to home and started preaching the gospel to his community. The community didn’t welcome his ministry. The main reason for that was, if they accept what he said, the community would mark them as an outcast and they would not get a burial place when they die. When a Christian dies in this village, they do not get a proper burial. Christians are suspended from participating in any social rituals.

Thus, recognizing the challenge, he took time for fasting and prayer with his friends. After the prayer, he wrote a letter to the government office for an appeal of burial place. Amazingly enough, the government gave him a burial place. After that, he introduced to the community, that he has officially got burial place and started again to preach the gospel boldly and 26 people receive Jesus. He has started a church with these new believers in Dobie.




GO 2020


Thu, 05/14/2020