Taxi driver shares Christ with two

I've been driving taxis part-time for the past 7-8 months to make ends meet. May 28, the Lord set up two people to receive Christ in a row before they left the car.

The first had just gotten into an altercation with her mother and there were 7-8 police cars where I picked her up. When I began to share the love of God with her, she began to cry, a lot. She was primed and the Lord graced me with the opportunity to lead her through a sincere pray of confession to receive Christ’s sacrifice for her sins. The second was a junior in high school who was the largest Samoan ever to get in - when I made him a compliment, he informed me that at Farrington High School, here in Honolulu, he’s considered small - I think the Spirit revealed to me he was bullied. I shared some of my video game background and how, until the games can support me, I drive to make ends meet while moving forward with new Bible games. It turns out he is passionate about the actual video games business and that was a clear signal to me of a very quick opportunity to establish trust, demonstrate the love of Christ and lead him to Christ, as well.

As you wrote aptly that we are to be sensitive but not always set with a goal to win everyone to Christ, but instead to be prepared to provide answers. These are the first two I ever sensed to lead to Christ and did in many months of driving. - TL


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Wed, 06/05/2019