Ukrainian Harvest Ministry Outreach

This morning we went to another village with 16 food packages and we were able to visit 16 families with very tough and difficult conditions. Over 20 souls prayed the sinners prayer, but this lady by the name Alena received her deliverance from demons and Jesus has set her free! Glory to God!
 Her address was second on our list of those whom we were going to visit, so when we approached her house she came out chasing some chicken babies, and kind of ignoring us which for me seemed like very strange reaction. So I came closer and started the conversation, as soon as I introduced ourselves and mentioned that we came in the name of Jesus, she started to scream and fade down, saying “Why did you come” “why did you come” and first it seemed like she had a panic attack, but I knew it was demonic manifestation, she was fading right in front of our eyes, but after a short prayer with authority she started to come back and her eyes looked normal again. I walked her into her house, she was shaking and couldn’t explain what was happening with her. When we entered inside the house  in one of the bedrooms we saw her son Sergey who was born with cerebral palsy, immediately Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge and  I asked Alena if they ever participated in witchcraft and sorcery activities and she said yes many times they visited different witches and sorcerers hoping that they will help their son to get well and recover, and she admitted that after those visits everything was going from bad to worse, so I prayed to break that spirit of witchcraft and every curse over that house, Alena fell on her knees and I lead her to Jesus, she was weeping before the Lord in repentance! Immediately we all felt that even the atmosphere in the house have changed and the Shalom of the Lord has filled the room! Of course photo’s can’t portrait all that happened in that house this morning!




GO 2020


Thu, 05/28/2020