USA Global Outreach Day 2020: Team Ministers in Center of Nationwide Protests

GO 2020 USA Director Dave Gibson with Evangelist Nick Hall of PULSE led a team to pray and minister for people on Global Outreach Day in Minneapolis. The city has been the center of a firestorm erupting after an unarmed black man died when a white police officer forced him to the ground and bent his knee into his neck for up to 10 minutes. The episode was captured on a video and set ablaze worldwide protests.

Pastor Gibson and Hall led a team of people who prayed and shared the Gospel with people peacefully protesting in Minneapolis. GO 2020 USA Assistant Director Kimberly Johnson posted on her Facebook page: 

“Yes pray, there are so many lost.” What about you Jazz? “I am lost”, she said with tears. COVID19 and now her neighborhood was burning, where do you go and what do you do? She joined, probably thousands of others to help clean up, but she was burdened by a future unknown, lacking hope. We were able to share with her God’s love, the opportunity she has right now to draw close to Him, and that we can trust in Jesus to lead and guide our lives. “The enemy comes to steel kill and destroy, but Jesus said, I have come that you would have abundant life.” John 10:10. She was one of our special conversations today on Lake Street. There is hope, even among the smoldering buildings and protests. #go2020


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Tue, 06/02/2020