Thailand GO 2020

Stories from Thailand

  1. There’re 2 seekers that open their hearts to God and interested to go to church. One of them is a man who has financial problems and live separately with his wife and children because of Covid-19. He was stressed and chatted with us through the page. Through the chat, he released the stress and brought back his focus to God. We’re passing his details to the local church to follow up.
  2. Our team learn about patience in listening people’s sharing and sometimes their anger towards God and Christian. Yet God’s love keeps us comforted even sympathized them. This project makes us realise that people really need Christ and ready for Him.  
  3. Shaun’s grandfather was a Muslim, his parents weren’t religious and he has been a non-practising Muslim for years. He has been to church a few times. He got connected to our page through an ad on FB and went through the bot and made a first time commitment to follow Jesus. He said that he wanted to connect with other people that follow Jesus. We chatted to him, prayed for him and helped to connect him to a local church. He’s now chatting personally online with someone from the church. George has had an experienced at church years ago where a pastor prayed for him and prophesied over him. He felt a rush of love and peace over his body. He wants to know more about Jesus and we are in process chatting with him.*Petra - Struggling to connect to other believers, and who shared they find it hard to control anger. We prayed for them and talked with them about how they can connect better. “I’m speechless tbh. I cannot express how thankful I am for your help. It means a lot . I pray that God will continue to bless you with whatever that is you’re doing in life. Thank you so much”*Hannah - Made contact with us, feeling afraid, suicidal and confessed both her and her husband were struggling with excess alcohol consumption. We prayed for her and she is now connected to someone at a local church and signed up for Alpha



GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020