GO 2020: Christian Friendship

My name is Muhammad. I am a madrassah teacher. I am from a fanatical Muslim family who religiously follow all the rules of Islam and are community leaders in our city. During my primary and secondary education, I had many Christian friends who were so good to me, even having me stay over at their houses. However, I was deeply disappointed in my parents’ decision that no Christians could stay in our home because they were unclean and would contaminate the ‘purity’ of our house and faith. This hateful attitude bothered me, and I prayed that I would meet someone who could teach me a better way. My prayers were answered when one day, a national pioneer, who was an Islamic scholar came and taught that the Gospels provided more complete answers than the Quran. He also taught that Christians were our friends and that our only true enemy is Satan. Many of my Muslim colleagues disagreed with his teaching, however after the meeting I asked for his contact details. As I read through the Bible, I was amazed by the eternal truths that the Quran only hints at. I spent so much time studying the Bible that I forgot about my Quranic studies completely. I now believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ and His Gospel and have been baptised. Please pray that my wife and family will come to accept Jesus and be willing to read the Bible with me.               




GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020