GO 2020: Bible Truth

Greetings! My name is Aris and I am a madrassah teacher. I was educated in a madrassah for 14 years and my family have been staunch Muslims for generations, so I believed that I was close to heaven. Despite my good works and ritual observance of Islam, I realised that my faith was academic rather than personal. As I studied the Quran, I realised that my family had taught me many lies about Christians being infidels and unclean, because the Quran itself said that Muhammad was friends with Christians. He claimed they were humble and kind-hearted. As I studied more intensively, I read more verses in the Quran claiming that Jesus was foremost in this world and the afterlife. In fact, when Muhammad had spiritual questions—guess who he asked? Christians and Jews. On this basis, I asked another madrassah teacher who, it turned out, had been a true follower of Jesus and believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for four years now. Praise God, he helped to release me from darkness into the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I am being discipled and was baptised recently. Pray that I will boldly proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ to my family. NB. This is a third generation convert to Christ from an original believer in Christ in this strategic city.




GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020