Ukraine GO 2020

On Friday the 29th our team was evangelizing in the small town, just outside of Odessa, due to quarantine this year we were not able to conduct something in larger scale, but we were able to reach people one on one witnessing, so that day over 300 people were reached with presentation of the gospel message and over 50 of them prayed the sinners prayer!
Next day we drove 150 km away from Odessa and went to a village we never knew excited, cause it’s not even on the maps of Ukraine, it is a ghost village, which use to be a prosperous village back in 20th century, but for the last 30 years most of it inhabitants left or died, so we’ve learned that there are still 12 souls in that village and I just felt so compelled by the Lord to go there, because no one will go there and bring them gospel of Jesus! The road was tough and honestly the last 40 km we had to drive on the off roads in the middle of the fields. When we got there I was surprised by the beauty of the area and terrain in the village, in the midst of the abandonment and chaos, we met many green oases. But for me the most beautiful scenery is to find the lost souls and bring them to Jesus! So out of 12 souls we found 9 those who still live there and all of them accepted Jesus in to their hearts, most of them are elderly folks who would probably soon depart from this planet into eternity, and I was so excited that we came in on time to bring them Jesus and lead them to Him! 




GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020