USA GO 2020: Texas Team Leads Girls to Christ

Some of our team we went to Abilene to join the locals and share the Gospel we got confirmation in prayer to go to the park. As we walked up I saw a girl sitting on bench and we walked up. I said, "Hi how can I pray for you?"  She had tears on her face and then said, "I know this is my day. God is pursuing me."

We got to know Annabel who is in a toxic relationship and had issues with her mom. She had pain in her back from stress. Then as she heard who iJesus is, and how much he Loved her and she can trust Him. Annabel had her whole countenance changed as she had revelation of the Scriptures she was reading.

She surrendered her old life to Jesus and now made new Glory ??. Also She said her back pain left.  Thank you Jesus. Next, as it was time for us to go I noticed two teenagers girls at the swings. I couldn’t leave till I speak or pray for them. Chrysta was interested in us praying for her. Her friend was trying to rush her but Chrysta said no I’m needing answers. Well as we go thru the Bible & band she felt peace.

Chrysta told us that when she was growing up she went to church but she was confused on why she needed to be saved. Going through the bible and band you could just see the divine set up cannot make this up people are searching for Truth. Chrysta said Yes to be Follower of Jesus . Glory ?? and both will be discipled by local ‘s on team #Go2020 #Beready. Beautiful day in Abilene Keep running!


United States


GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020