USA GO 2020: Texas Church Leads Park Outreach

5/31/2020- Pentecost Sunday outreach… WOW…. I teamed up with a new friend Dawn. We went to lake Susan in Chanhassen. When getting into teams I noticed this woman in her car just starting to leave. I went over and asked her if she needed prayer. She said yes and pulled her can back in the lane. She requested prayer for a new place to live because the place where she is at is not a safe place and they are not following God.

She shared with us that she was at the park because it is quiet so she can o read God's word. Dawn and I prayed for a new place for her and she was very touched by the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord. We encounter two teenagers at the park sitting and talking. They are both believers and requested prayer for their moms….One mother had a brain injury and the other mother had severe migraines and a hard time dealing with COVID not being able to leave the house.

We were able to share the Father’s Love letter with them….. Thank you Lord… Dawn informed me that she is shy. I encouraged her as we walked around and share testimonies. We encountered a young man fishing on the docks. He asked for a cleansing prayer. I was trying to see if we could share the bible but he still wanted to fish and he said that he would read it later.

On our way up we meet up with another young man just resting in the grass. He sat up when we were walking up to him so we were able to engage him to see if he needed prayer. He didn’t need prayer but share with us that when he was young they went to church with his parents and he had not been back on his own. He informed us that he was named after a book in the bible. His name was Daniel. I asked if he knew about Jesus and he said some. I was able to give him a band and a bible.

We sat down as he read and we talk about what Jesus did for us. WOW. When he was done reading he asked how to pray and confess his sins. Thank you Lord. We shared a prayer with him and also the one on the back of the book. He said the prayer in the back of the bible and had just the most beautiful smile after.

Thank you Lord. We share with him the orange page and also gave him and a band for his father. Dawn encouraged him to get connected with a bible study to learn more. We exchanged phone numbers and told him he could call me. WOW WOW WOW what a day to spend with the Holy Spirit sharing God’s Love. This was the best day out of the month… THANK YOU LORD! (From Serena Sot on Time to Revive Facebook Group Page)


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Wed, 06/03/2020