Cambodia GO 2020: Testimonies

Here are some testimonies from Christian Vision Global about GO 2020 outreaches in Cambodia.

"Praise God that we’ve seen people believe in God, go back to church, find the answers they have been looking for. Praying for those people so they don’t just respond to the videos but genuinely respond in their spiritual life, connecting with us and have a desire to have relationship with God."

Man's heart softens before God

One guy hated Jesus because his brother passed away. He loved his brother so much. He blamed God for taking him away. He posted harsh comments on our Facebook page, but we tried to talk to him. We found out that he’s broken so we tried to have a conversation and asked to pray for him. We tried to learn why he hated God so much. Praise God, he is now open and willing to talk about Jesus. He’s happy for us to pray for him daily.

Pastor stirred to spread good news

This initiative makes me (pastor) really see a new way to connect with seekers and connect them to God. I was wondering on how to spread the good news to more people in Cambodia. I learnt so much from this experience and will continue to do so. 




GO 2020


Wed, 06/03/2020