Cameroon GO 2020: 81 Souls saved in Foumban

Foumban is a muslim dominated city in the Western region of Cameroon. Faced with a social climate marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the month of Ramadan, the challenge was to mobilize the church to participate actively for the first time in the month of evangelism. As a result we have seen Muslims commit themselves to the Lord during the month of Ramadan.

Over 1500 people were reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Foumban in Cameroon. A total of 81 people gave their lives to Christ, two of them being muslims. It was an exhilirating experience not only for the team that went out, but for the kingdom of God. We give glory to God as we continue to share the good news!




GO 2020


Mon, 06/08/2020