South Sudan GO 2020: Over 2500 receive Christ in Juba

We have seen the greatness of God. It has been amazing! Over 2500 people who have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. There were two groups that went 2 two different markets.It was a blessing!

One of the testimonies that stands out is that of an Arab man who gave prayed the prayer of salvation and gave his life to Christ Hallelujah! .As we approached the shops, there was a lot of noise in the shops and there is this Arab man who asked that the music be turned down so they can listen to the word of God. Then, we preached and it went on well. At the end, he was able to pray the prayer of salvation and he believed that he has accepted Jesus.Glory to God!


South Sudan


GO 2020


Mon, 06/08/2020