Belarus GO 2020: Testimonies from Steiger Outreach

A few days before the street evangelization, my team and I fasted. On this day I woke up for morning prayer as usual, went to the bathroom, and standing under the shower said to God: "Show me the people to preach to on Saturday" And I saw a clear picture of three people: a guy in a jacket and a red hoodie, a girl with purple hair ends and a guy with a pierced lower lip. 

On Saturday we went to the streets, I was one of the project leaders and at the last moment I decided to switch projects with another leader. We went to different places and started meeting people on the streets.

I met a guy with whom we started a very good dialogue and the result of this dialogue was a prayer and he accepted Jesus. It was only after a while that I noticed that he was wearing a jacket and a red hoodie. 

Then I met a group of girls with rainbow flags, these girls did not respond very well to the word "God", and as it turned out, they were waiting for someone. After a short time two girls with bright hair came up to us. I invited them to participate in the project "Leave-and-take" One of them willingly agreed. She wrote what she wanted to leave, and took a message for herself and it said: "honor your father and your mother, so that the days of your life may last." I asked: is this relevant to you? She said: I have just written that I want to leave and cut my mother out of my life.

The Holy spirit gave me specific words for her, which were not numerous, but they got straight into her heart, her eyes filled with tears, she hugged me and left. This girl had purple hair ends. 

These were the people I met, and if I hadn't switched projects with one of the leaders at the last moment, I might not have met the very people God showed me. Anna-Maria, Belarus





GO 2020


Tue, 06/09/2020