South-Africa GO 2020 84 Year Old Woman With Asthma Still Sharing The Gospel

Translated from Afrikaans to English: 

Interviewer: Hello mam, very glad to see that you are still spreading the Gospel even in Covid time, and you came to collect new flyers. I hear you are 84 years old. You are not scared, you go out and do what you have to. Please explain to the people how you spread the Gospel with the flyers?

84 Year old woman: When I am in a store and the isles where you get groceries, I go and place two or three flyers in different places on the shelves, and stand in the isle and look when people take them. Some people take them and put it in their bags, some take them and put them back. But I believe that those who take it, needs it. I have previously placed flyers in a store in the pockets of night gowns, and saw the woman trying on the night gown, feeling something in the pocket, and putting the flyer in her bag. In this way you can also place it in men’s shoes in a store, and you can do a lot to spread the Gospel.

Interviewer: That’s good, thank you so much for your zeal and you see that even in this time where everyone is afraid, we can still do something to spread the Gospel.

84 Year old woman: Yes we can because we are grateful people. If you are a child of God then you live in gratefulness and you cannot believe what God does for you, how healthy you get up in the morning, then your heart is full of gratefulness, and because of our gratefulness we have to share the Gospel!


South Africa


GO 2020


Sun, 06/14/2020