GO 2020: Children Evangelize in Togo, Chile and Brazil

Children are reaching the world by evangelizing through using The Four Symbols, distributing tracts, and posting drawings on their windows during the coronavirus pandemic. The creative ideas such as a child in Chile who drew the four symbols and wrote an explanation for his neighbor. The child put the drawing in front of the neighbor's apartment.

Togo: This is simply one report in Togo but the outreach for Go 2020 Kids happened in several nations across Africa. Here is what Elias shared:

• It was an excellent experience for children to have the opportunity to be part of God’s mission by sharing the Gospel.

• They were so excited as they enjoyed praying for winning souls.

• They see themselves no longer as useless people to God.

• Many Christians, especially youth and adults, saw themselves as lazy as they saw

children committed to share the Gospel

• This morning I got a voicemail from one Christian brother who found my number on the outreach cards that children gave out during Global Outreach Day. He confessed that he was very touched to see children committed to evangelism and he was impressed and edified by the tool of the Prayer Covenant for Children evangelism card.

• The experience of children reaching out to people was fruitful in terms of spreading the Gospel. 22,004 flyers were distributed by the whole team in – just in Togo - during the single day of May 30.


Children in Brazil answered this call:

" Dear parents, I need you to help your child participate in a super mission!  ?

 Next Saturday is the Global Outreach Day  and Christians around the world are mobilizing to share their faith in Jesus in some very creative way.

 As we are living this moment of social isolation, we think of a special way for children to participate in this day.  Each child should make a drawing of the family with the theme: WITH JESUS ​​IT WILL BE EVERYTHING WELL.  And you are going to paste this drawing on the gate or window of your house so that everyone who passes by on the street can see it.

 I also really wanted to see this drawing so I ask you to take 2 pictures: one of the child holding your poster and the other of the drawing pasted on the gate and send it to me, will you?  Let's fill our city with this message of hope and faith!  Can I count on you?" Pr Paulo Jr   ?❤️?






GO 2020


Tue, 06/16/2020