USA GO 2020: Police officers in Miami on their knees

This is the true Church! Coral Gables Christian police officers in Miami got down on their knees before God to pray and cry out to the Lord, asking for forgiveness for the violence on both sides. When the protesters arrived with sticks and clubs to destroy the Police headquarters, they found a strong but humiliated Police of Kneeling before God, that caused the Holy Spirit to fall in a natural way as in Pentecost and the policemen ended up ministering and praying by the protesters who also fell to their knees to ask God for forgiveness for what happened ... this brought forgiveness and this has produced a revival on the street of Coral Gables today! It has been the most emotional service, on the street if temples but with an active church. This shows pastors that if our disciples are well formed and filled with the Holy Spirit it does not matter if they are police, doctors, firefighters, pedlars or ordinary people! God will do his work! It is this behavior that we must imitate! Glory to God and let us continue to pray for a spiritual Awakening in our US Nation.


United States


GO 2020


Wed, 06/17/2020