Congo Kinshasa GO 2020 Testimonies

1. 05/30 was an exceptional day. When we were getting ready to go out in the car to show off to our friends, two friends came to ask us 5 minutes to tell us about Jesus. It was an opportunity for us to experience salvation in Christ. (Kibali / SOUTH KIVU)


2. I thought I had organized a basic training to equip the winners of friends but curiously it was an opportunity for the 12 participants to give their lives to Jesus: And this is the testimony of the participants, who believe that God has given them gave the best opportunity to enlighten us when we had the wrong notion (Daniel / Kalemie)


  1. At Kasai Oriental, on Saturday 30/5, we organized evangelism outings as well as the establishment of the strengthening cells for people won during May. We also note the testimony of a mother known as intractable by her husband. But, she accepts Christ crying. With her baby in her hands, she says I did not know there was a loving God to save me and her husband thanked us because his wife was intractable without Christ (Pastor BANTU)


  1. The women went out very early in the morning to talk about Christ and it was a great event in the mountains of BUKAVU, young and old did not hesitate to receive Christ as Lord and Savior (Bishop Samuel / BUKAVU)



  1. A great experience at GOMA, young people on the road with signs with this inscription: "Give your life to JESUS ​​CHRIST before it is too late (P Alain MOLEKA / GOMA)


  1. While we were in evangelism, we prayed and delivered a man disturbed by demons for several years. And on 5/30 it was the day of his total salvation, he gives his life to Jesus and the demons were cast out, he declared feeling light and liberated: We even went to the marches and ports to proclaim salvation in Christ (Pst. Wakilongo / KINDU)









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GO 2020


Fri, 06/19/2020