GO 2020 USA: Christians in Ohio Prayer Walk Business District

Last Saturday, around 20 of us gathered in downtown Greenville, Ohio at 8:30am to prayer walk the streets before a protest rally was to take place at 3:00pm. We paired off, handed out maps and started praying for the businesses. Julie Monnin and I ran into Linda who was walking her dog and we ask how we could pray for her. She had just lost her 38 yr old son in a motorcycle accident and was suppose to go to the funeral that afternoon for a family viewing. She brought up not knowing what she thinks about religion and as we began to share, she asked us to come to the house tomorrow morning. So I called James Reynolds and we showed up Sunday morning at 11:00. She was getting ready to mow yard. After talking with her on the porch and sharing who Jesus could be to her and her family, Linda said she wanted to make Jesus her Lord. She wants to be discipled. She wants to know more. We prayed for the family and that all would go well at the burial on Monday.

Divine appointment? Absolutely! In talking to Linda, we found out that she had been at the scene of accident when James' grandmother was killed and was able to tell James something about the scene that James never knew but was a God hug. Not only that but this day would have been his grandma's birthday. Then James was able to reciprocate the gift. James had shared the Gospel with one of the girls that had stayed at Linda's, and had been a close friend of her son's. The girl had given her life to Jesus at that time before passing away from kidney failure this past March. All of this open the door of Linda's heart to wanting to know more about God.

Show up and God will show you what He treasures. Sometimes intended agendas have different endings. So thankful we were flexible and sensitive to Holy Spirit promptings. Life is always an adventure that way! - Stephanie Benedict/Time to Revive/GO 2020 Facebook Group


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Fri, 06/19/2020