Brazil GO 2020 - Foursquare Gospel Church Sharing The Gospel In Creative Ways

"Good afternoon, peace!

I am Pastor Olivia of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Pindorama.
Every year we do 22 actions on World Evangelism Day, but this year we had to reinvent ourselves and it was great.
Each saved person made a banner and was responsible for evangelizing on the street where they live ... I also had an incredible experience ...
But we still did the actions that were possible!
For example...
We delivered alcohol mask and gel to the sign.
We made the solidarity clothesline with warm clothes.
We went from house to house handing out masks with the four spiritual laws / four symbols.
The couples recorded videos and talked about the plan of salvation and posted on their social networks.
We distributed food in the square in an action "Who has it ... who needs it" action, and so everyone was evangelized."


This incredible creativity is not being stopped by Covid-19!





GO 2020


Wed, 06/17/2020