GO 2020 Nigeria: Glorious Days of Personal Evangelism

Bro. Kola Aileru, Special Assistant to Evang. Oguazi Onemoy, National Coordinator, Reporting from Lagos: We commenced activities for the Global Outreach Day in the personal residence of the National Coordinator, Evangelist Oguazi Onyemobi. I was with his family as we gathered to listen to the “Hope Proclamation” GO2020. We all lifted our voices in response to the Proclamation and prayed for the nation and for souls to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ throughout the nation. While his wife went out alone to witness, I went out with the Evangelist, wearing our face masks, to witness in and around the neighborhood. We first met some laborers in a construction site and shared the Gospel to them, and three of them gave their lives to Christ. We went on and shared Gospel tracts to many people we met in the street and at the shops around, and some of them agreed to say the Sinners Prayers. We proceeded to the Estate Gate and witnessed to people in many shops along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. From there, we proceeded to Blenco Supermarket, where we gave out a lot of tracts. Finally, we went to Sangotedo Bus Stop where we ministered to many traders and artisans. In some of the shops we visited, the people stopped their work and gathered to listen to the Word of God. We tried our best to maintain social distancing. Most of the people gave their lives to Christ. We gave out tracts to many people who gladly received them. In all, we had about 30 salvation decisions. Some rededicated their lives to the Lord. The people were very open to the Gospel. It was a glorious day.

A Christian Elder testified in a prayer meeting that early on that Saturday morning, he had a dream at which he say a mighty hand coming from Heaven with a big vial of oil. The hand turned the vial and poured the oil
downward oil. When he looked down, he saw a multitude of people on the earth, and the oil was coming upon their heads. He was overwhelmed with joy. He said he believed that it is a sign that God is releasing a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the earth through the Global Outreach Day.




GO 2020


Mon, 07/06/2020