South-Africa - The Tale of The Two Grannies

A local Church in North of Pretoria, JMC House Of Prayer, did not allow Covid 19 to lockdown the Mandate of the Church. Believers did One on One Evangelism and in one of the homes, they found the old lady (the one in the middle of the picture). She lives with her son and at the time with her young daughter who was sick and in bed on the day of the visit. Pauline and Esther shared the Gospel message with the three (3), they all received the message and were lead to the Lord. In less than a month, the young lady passed on. When the Pastors went to arrange the burial and comfort the family, worried about the health of the old lady, they found her in good spirits! She told them that she had so much peace knowing that her daughter is with the Lord now. And thanked the team that went to minister to them and bring her family to Christ.

On the other side of the village, Granny Monyai (on the right side of the picture with the mask on). After a few visits from local congregation where they prayed for her swollen legs and general wellbeing she gave her land to the Church for them to build a house of God! Turns out, they are friends and now fellowship in the same Church.


South Africa


GO 2020


Mon, 08/17/2020