Global Day of Hope: Steiger Union Leads Outreaches Across Russia, Ukraine

Steiger Union led outreaches across major cities in Russia and the Ukraine on the Global Day of Hope on August 29. Here are some testimonies from those outreaches.

I started talking to a woman from the Roma diaspora. The Holy Spirit prompted me to talk about inner emptiness. I began by telling the story of my life. "I have this inner emptiness," she answered me. Then we talked about the soul, eternal life, life after death. She asked me to pray for her. During prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit come down very strongly on us. "I want to get to know God better. How can I do this?" She asked me. After that, she prayed a prayer of repentance right there in the city center. (Stas, Ukraine)

That day, one of the projects that we used was the "Bank of predictions". At first, we thought that we shouldn't have gone out to evangelism at all because many people reacted negatively or simply ignored us. But then we met two girls, about 17 years old; they got a message from God and asked to explain the words they came across meant. We began to talk with them about man's sinfulness and the person of Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross. This caused laughter and a smile on their faces.

After that, we said Jesus is not just a fantasy, but He is alive and real. We said He knows who we are. He knows what we are when we are alone with ourselves. Jesus knows our pain, emptiness, and uncertainty. One girl burst into tears after these words. We continued our conversation, and they agreed to pray a prayer of repentance. Then we exchanged contacts and agreed to meet for a Bible study. (Nonna, Ukraine)

We used 4 projects, one of them was "Check: Hell or Heaven?" We met a group of 6 teenagers who were skating and laughing loudly. The guys became interested in the conversation, actively participated, and boldly expressed their thoughts. While we talked, almost everyone said that he was sure that he would be in hell at the end of his life, and they said the same about their parents.

Then one girl asked, "Where does the soul of the person who committed suicide go?" We replied that this person will be in hell and explained why. After a few minutes of conversation, we learned that the day before this meeting, she was standing on the roof of a five-story building and wanted to commit suicide, but something stopped her. We said that our meeting was not accidental and invited them to pray a prayer of repentance. After the prayer, we all hugged, exchanged contacts, and invited them to a Bible study. (Alyona, Ukraine)




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Fri, 09/11/2020