Cameroon: More evangelistic activities in the Western Region

Regarding evangelistic activities in the west in the past two months, members of the G.O.D board have had several local evangelism and follow-up programs. So there have been many evangelism outings and discipleship training.

In Kouogouo we had a week of evangelization. 07 missionaries went out despite the many showers of rain, more than 40 souls were reached and 10 confessed Jesus. At the Baneghang market and at the interchangeable crossroads around 150 people were reached and around 20 confessed.

Regarding discipleship training, We have had training at the MEP of BETHESDA (20 participants), Kouogouo (40 participants) Assembly of Living God (10 participants) evangelization outings have been held there constantly every Saturday since January with 20 to 30 evangelists. Nearly 150 to 200 people reached, with about 50 confessing Jesus over the past two months and 5 souls baptized.

Film screenings took place at the stadium in Bafoussam and Baham. Baptisms also took place by members in Bafoussam and Bafou (details will be sent to you later) TO BE FOLLOWED ...




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Mon, 09/14/2020