Togo: GO 2020 September Report

For most of 2020, the whole world has been groaning under the weight of a pandemic crisis, Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). Following its repercussions, both economically and socially, fear, oppression, depression, worry, and bitterness have won over human hearts. Where will the help come from, one wonders? Can our walls still be rebuilt?

It is to respond to these multiple human problems that the young people of the Assemblies of God church, Temple Siloé de Nyékonakpoè (Lomé-Togo), with their officials and leaders, came out Sunday, September 13, 2020, to announce the good news of `` Jesus who heals! Jesus who saves! Jesus who delivers! ``.

The Nyékonakpoè and Kodomé districts were invaded by 40 soldiers of Christ who brought the Good News there. Results: lives transformed, sick people healed, conversions.

Statistics :

22 crossroads (stops)
Around 250 direct contacts
Almost 400 shared tracts
23 Conversions
19 Contacts kept/follow up
A follow-up team was therefore immediately established to personally follow and accompany her newborns in the Faith and bring them, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to the perfect stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.


On the ground, we noted a reluctance on the part of some to take the floor and receive insults from others; This did not surprise anyone, quite the contrary, because it is in this that one is glorified in Jesus Christ, that is to share the sufferings of Christ (Romans 8:17; Philippians 3: 10); a breach of treaties on the ground and a lack of new wills. We, therefore, appeal to the goodwill to sow in this field, which will certainly bear fruit for them.

We bless the Lord for the grace and ability He has given us to be able to do His work. It is a privilege to belong to Christ. Amen.

Number of conversions
Number of people reached
Number of tracts distributed



GO 2020


Mon, 10/05/2020