GO Movement: 17 Coffee Shops Touched with the Love of Jesus

Two weeks ago, we had a youth conference in Geneva and we had to send around 70 young people in outreach. But we didn’t have any room to gather them and give them instructions. For a lot of them it was the first time to go in an outreach. So we arranged 17 teams of 4 people with one coordinator for each team (no need to be an evangelist...).

We sent all the teams at a specific time in a different coffee shop of the city and every coordinator had an envelope with some challenges to do. In the coffee shop the groups were able to be trained as they watched short videos. A lot of these young people had an amazing time of outreach. With my group we had a word of knowledge for the waitress who got completely healed with her shoulder. Our desire was to share the love of Jesus in the city. JESUS has a lot of creativity ? Even if big events are not aloud in some places... JESUS has a way to love ? - Nicolas G. (Whatsapp)




GO 2020


Thu, 10/22/2020