GO Movement: Over 3,000 People Accept the Lord in the South Sudan

The global Go2020 in South Sudan was so amazing to the extent that our teams were so excited and more eager to continue go out to the various places whichever we did not covered before the set dated. More than three thousand souls accepted Jesus as their personal savior and Lord at the market places which our team  targeted during Go2020 week's.

When the other ninety days was officially announced our team organized for a tactical meeting on how the work could be executed however the team was faced by a challenge of resources needed to carrying out the duty of preaching the gospel of Christ in terms of transportation, communication units to attending on line meetings, feeding and budget for hiring tools such as loudspeakers and materials like small booklets and so on. Notice that, the majority of the pastors  have been taken care of by their congregations through offerings and some individual's gifts.

But the lockdown due to the Covid19 's pandemic has worsened the situation of many pastors in South Sudan if not in whole Africa. And that was because the government does not pay salaries to the pastoral professionals as like in some parts of the world, so pastors were to work on foot sometimes which did not encourage the work to move on smoothly as it was projected and planned for. My team are praying for more encouraging situation so they could start their wonderful journey of spreading the good news in much effective and efficient way as much as possible by God's Grace. - Rev. Victoria Waraka


South Sudan


GO 2020


Wed, 10/28/2020