Over 200,000 People Reached With the Gospel in Porto Alegre

Pastor Marcio Cesar, a coordinator for Global Outreach Day, has led outreaches in Porto Alegre, RS in Brazil. He said the team reached more than 200,000 people with the Gospel after restrictions were lifted in the area due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Due to the quarantine and the decrees we faced, it was not possible to do the GO2020 in May, nor the Global Day of Evangelization like almost all churches in Brazil and in the World," Pastor Cesar said.

He said, "With more flexible decrees since August, we managed to plan and make the Global Evangelization Month at AD Porto Alegre in October and close with a flourish with the Global Evangelization Day on October 31st. It was difficult to measure the impact, but the Gospel Seed was launched through tens of thousands of leaflets and literature delivered. Together we can reach the world with the Gospel!"




GO 2020


Wed, 11/04/2020