GO Christmas Outreaches Launched

People must hear the message of hope!

Christmas and Corona Crisis: People are open to the Gospel because of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, and Latin America need help. Please support these projects.

At Christmas Jesus has overcome his"distancing" and comes close to us! This message is what millions of Christians are bringing to the people over the Christmas season!

In many countries, in the "Holy Time", people are enormously open to the hope of the Christmas message. In India, for example, Christmas is the best time to bring the news that God became man and wants to meet us here and now among the people. However, the pandemic has thrown countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America into a crisis. Spread the message of Christmas hope through these projects.

Christmas Missions Africa


Tanzania: Outreach through 1,000 congregations

Tanzania is a poor, beautiful country (Serengeti, Kilimanjaro) with 45 million inhabitants. One third are Muslims, one third are Christians and another third belong to tribal religions. In recent years, more than 11,000 congregations and churches have been involved in Global Outreach Day and many people have come to believe in Jesus.

In December 2020, 1,000 congregations plan to provide training is in personal evangelism and distribute 500,000 gospel tracts. With 100 francs, you provide evangelism training for 10 congregations and pay for printing 5,000 tracts.

Uganda: Bring hope and protection from the coronavirus

In Uganda, the national "Global Outreach Team" has planned a special social-evangelism outreach among residents of the country's largest slum for the Christmas season. Most residents can't afford soap or a face mask. Thousands of Christians will visit the slums to distribute the gospel message of hope and deliver soap, disinfectants, and protective masks. With a donation of 5 francs, a family can receive the hygiene products and experience the gospel.

South Africa: Mobilize 30,000 Christians to reach 50,000 households

"Every Home for Christ" and the Global Outreach Team in South Africa partner for a Christmas missions outreach. Their goal is to mobilize and train 30,000 Christians in the Pretoria region to each share the Gospel with five people. They will also visit 50,000 houses and deliver gospel tracts for adults and children. Funds are needed to mobilize and train pastors, who train and mobilize their congregation — budget 2,500 Swiss francs.

Christmas Tracts for South America


Venezuela: Gospel, Community, Food in the Midst of Crisis

Venezuela is in a desperate economic situation. In December 2019, 50 churches worked together to host events with a meal and the message of hope. These churches distributed 12,500 meals, and many people gave their lives to Christ. Almost 2,600 new believers attended discipleship courses, and 893 were baptized. This Christmas outreach is planned for 2020. A meal cost 1.50 francs. Your gift provides both spiritual and physical food for a nation in turmoil.

Mexico: Finding God in the midst of the crisis

With more than 95,000 deaths and high unemployment, Mexico is particularly hard hit by Corona. However, Christians are not discouraged but rather use people's questions to share the hope of the Gospel. Numerous congregations and churches across the country are planning special Christmas missions. One of the most effective ways to start a conversation about faith in Mexico is through a gospel tract. Therefore, the distribution of 500,000 gospel tracts is planned, plus 2,000 faith courses for small groups. With 200 francs, you can print 1,000 tracts.

Brazil: Helping the poorest and creating communities

We invite you to support the Christmas mission outreach of 50 missionaries reaching poor communities in northwest Brazil. Food baskets will be distributed with a presentation of the Gospel to establish new congregations in this region. 


Each food basket includes, among other things, 5 kg of rice, 3 kg of beans, 2 kg of flour, 2 kg of sugar, 1 kg of pasta, as well as hygiene products and gospel brochures. This basket costs $40 USD. Would you like to give one or more families a basket?


Christmas Tracts for Asia


Nepal: Reaching schools, families, and leaders

Nepal has a population of over 29 million; more than 81 percent of them are Hindus. There are more than 10,000 Christian congregations and an estimated 1.2 million Christians. About 7,000 congregations active in Global Outreach Day reached every house with the Gospel and launched 6.500 new small groups! 

The Nepalese "GO Team" has mobilized Christmas missions since 2014. It is the time of the greatest openness to the Gospel. This year, the Christmas outreaches are planned for students, their parents, and teachers. Seven events are also planned for leaders: "We have created a platform where political and religious leaders and influencers come together. We also invited Parliament members to do so," explains coordinator Madan Shah. 

From Switzerland, we would like to support Nepal's operations with the printing of 300,000 brochures. "The greatest Christmas present of all time." With 100 francs, you can help reach 3,333 people with the Gospel – including perhaps an important person for Nepal's future.

India: Personal evangelization

The majority Hindu country of 1.3 billion people is home to about 80 million Christians, half of whom are evangelical/evangelical. Christmas is the time when the Gospel can be passed on more freely than usual, even in restrictive areas. But this only happens if Christians also seize the opportunity; Churches need a call to evangelization. That's why we support the "Go Christmas Project", through which thousands of pastors are trained at 150 video conferences nationwide. These in turn mobilize and train hundreds of thousands of Christians for personal evangelization. This will help millions of people in India reach out at Christmas. Several people are engaged in part-time coordination for national and regional coordination. The budget is 15,000 Swiss francs or $17,000 USD. With your help, more people can experience the gospel. Thank you very much!


Worldwide Evangelical Initiative

As part of "GO 2020", the all-yearly edition of Global Outreach Day, evangelical Christmas campaigns are being held in many countries. In these projects, the National Evangelical Alliances, Campus for Christ, Every Home for Christ, Evangelization Explosive, and Youth work together with a mission. The Methodists, the Salvation Army, Presbyterians, and Pentecostal churches are also present. Together, they carry out
operations as national "GO Teams". Thank you for helping to make Christmas 2020 a celebration of hope for many through prayer and financial support.


In many countries of the world, Global Outreach Day has created a common movement for evangelization that has never existed before. This year, "GO 2020" created a completely new dynamic; instead of one day, the outreach now runs throughout the year! About 50 million Christians have traveled together this year to teach the gospel to countless people.


This dynamic, born of the positive experiences with Global Outreach Day and GO 2020, was the impetus for a new vision: What would it be like if, within this decade, every person in the world would be reached with the Good News of Jesus? A growing alliance of mission movements, denominations and organizations have joined forces to intensify evangelization in combination with prayer and discipleship within the framework of the "GO DECADE". Livenet is involved in the worldwide coordination of this Global Outreach movement.








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