GO Movement - 2021

Help us in reaching many people with the Gospel in 2021

Thanks to a broad collaboration over 60 million Christians have been actively involved with GO 2020 to reach over 1 billion people with the Gospel! This was 2020 only. We have compiled the greatest stories of God's wonders of the past 10 years in an e-book. You can get it here.



GO MOVEMENT exists to mobilize and equip every believer to be a witness, facilitating organizations and churches to work together - to reach the world with the Gospel. The movement is supported and carried out by numerous churches, ministries, and networks.


Key activities:


  • GO DAY (Global Outreach Day)


The month of May is a joint catalytic with emphasis on GO MONTH and GO DAY. Its overall goal is to inspire believers for an ongoing evangelistic lifestyle and to reach the entire world with the Gospel during the GO DECADE by 2030.


We invite you to be part of GO MOVEMENT. Together we can reach the world!

Please pray about joining us in reaching many people with the Gospel in 2021:

  • An entire church can be trained and mobilized to share the Gospel with 1 to 5 USD only. Through this hundreds of people can be reached. 
  • With 100 USD you can mobilize up to 100 churches and thousands of believers to be a witness.


Would you consider empowering one or several churches for evangelism? Please see below to donate. Thank you so much!


With your donation, many people have the possibility to hear the Gospel and experience the love of Christ.


Funding Goal: 10 000
Funding Timeframe:04/30/2021

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