On the launch of the "Go Decade": "The Great Commission can be achieved in our lifetime"

Global mission agencies have joined together to form the "Go Decade." This is part of the "Go Movement" that grew out of the "Global Outreach Day." Now, key leaders have just met via Zoom, for the second planning meeting of this kind. The goal is to reach more than 1,981 billion people with the Gospel before the end of the year. "The Great Commission can be accomplished in our lifetime," says John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion.


The Global Outreach Day has grown from a single day of evangelism to an ongoing movement. In 2020, more than one billion people where been reached with the Gospel. Supporters include various community associations, organizations and networks. “The goal is to reach every person with the Gospel by 2030,” explains Beat Baumann, International Director of the Go Movement and Managing Director of Livenet. “This through personal evangelism, digital evangelism, proclamation, church planting and much more.”


Behind it are numerous ministries and church associations around the globe. Some of the key leaders now met in a second Zoom meeting on March 18, 2021, to take stock after the first meeting was held in October 2020.


Various task forces established

"Last year, at a first meeting of this kind, the Go Decade was launched, as a result of plan-making on all continents, leaders of community associations and ministries in many countries are now meeting to stand together and see how they can reach all the inhabitants in their country," Beat Baumann sums up.


Various task forces are being formed with the goal of reaching the world within ten years. "The basic conviction is that we can achieve more together, and we can only do it together." For example, the Go Decade team was established in South Sudan.


Reaching 1.981 billion

Not all the numbers are together yet, and there may be overlaps here and there; currently, the goal is to reach 1.981 billion people this year (See info-graphic). Of these, 99,75 million people are likely to choose a life with Jesus, according to the organizations' estimates.


For example, the two largest house church networks "24:14" (counting 80 million Christians) and "RUN" are aiming to reach 470 million people together, or "Evangelism Explosion" (EE) 18 million. Likewise, "CRU" ("Campus Crusade for Christ") wants to reach many people with the Jesus-film.

Werner Nachtigal, International President of the Go Movement: "If we continue for ten years, we will see the salvation of a billion souls."


"Fulfillment during our lifetime"

There is a special focus on this May, the first "Go Month." This one begins with prayer, followed by numerous activities. EE-President John Sorensen notes, for example, that his 83 country leaders will be tasked with motivating EE-teams to share the Gospel daily during May.


John Sorensen explained in the Zoom meeting, "I love the heart, partnership and passion. The focus is on the Great Commission. A few years ago, a study in the United States showed that 51 percent of Christians did not know the Great Commission. And of the 49 percent who have heard of it, only 17 percent know what it means. That's alarming. We want that focus back in the Christian community now."

Every believer is a witness to God. If a billion Christians were now trying to reach out to their fellow man, and a growing number of Christians then did so again, "the Great Commission could be implemented within three generations. In our lifetime. I am led to believe that this is possible. The Go Movement is confirmation of that. If all our ministries come together with the same passion and implement this simple idea, we will see the fulfillment of the mission."


Kickoff on May 1

On the first May 1, Go Month will be launched with worldwide prayer events. "This with the prayer that as many people as possible will experience the Gospel in May," Beat Baumann looks ahead. The basic call is for each Christian to reach one person per week in May, or five people in the whole month of May. And the Go Month Challenge can be adopted, reaching ten people in May. "The two largest church associations in South America, 'Assemblies of God' and the 'Church of God' want to mobilize 25 to 30 percent of their members - that means 1.5 million Christians witnessing their faith every day, allowing 45 million people to hear a personal testimony of faith next May."


"Let's stand together, it's about unity, prayer and moving forward in evangelizing," encourages Werner Nachtigal, initiator and international president of the Movement. "We can work that out together already this year. Without prayer, we won't see the revival. I believe the time has come to pray and move forward."


App to help

Nathan Middlebrook, International Strategy Coordinator for Every Home for Christ, introduced the "Oikos Outreach App" at the meeting, with a map to record where what outreach has been done. "Progress in the region can be monitored and roads marked through this. This app will be launched in the UK in the next few weeks, with a global release in the next few months, so every home can be reached." The goal is to pray specifically for each house and street and share the Gospel with each person.


One missionary in India prayed for one person to be saved per day, Dave Gibson, U.S. director of the Go Movement told in the meeting.

"In one year 400 people found faith, and the next year he prayed for two a day." The Go Movement now is about witnessing faith in May in a variety of ways, each in its own way. Some community associations are calling out the Go Month Challenge, like Dave Gibson who encourages reaching out to ten people in May "and finding ten more to do it too. Jesus had twelve disciples and he changed the world with his followers."

May 29 also marks "Go Day" (formerly "Global Outreach Day").


Even in closed countries, "time is urgent"

Eric Watt of RUN ("Reaching Unreached Nations") said his network also wants to reach many people. "Pray for our safety, some are moving in the most difficult, darkest spiritual places. But the time is here. And the time is pressing for people to hear the good news. Let a great harvest follow the prayers."


And Jason Hubbard of the Light of the World Prayer Center held that 100 million people united in prayer should see a billion saved. "God brought us together with a unified vision to pray and witness together. On May 1, we will kick off the month with 'Go Pray.' There is a two-hour program for this, 'God TV' records it. There's a special prayer focus on China, India and the Middle East."

Graham Power of "Power Group of Companies" observed "never so much prayer as last year during Corona. It's easy to see how the prayer networks came together as well. I've never seen as much unity as I've seen in the past few months."


Young people lead the way

There are currently one billion teenagers living in the world, knows Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share. "These are finding God faster than adults. They desperately need the gospel. On the last Saturday of every month, we go out, pray you share the gospel through tools like THE FOUR, EE and many others."


Everton Jackson of the All Baptist Alliance held, "We identify with this initiative. We want to mobilize our members. We are walking hand in hand with our partners and we believe we need to do this together. This July we have a convention where we will raise awareness about the Go program. Together we want to win the world for God's kingdom."

And Candy Marballi of The Prayer Covenant assumes that God will work precisely through children "to win the world to Himself." Children pray that He needs them and they trust Him. We want to see a million children praying and reaching 25 million people by 2020." Between October and December, hundreds of thousands of children in Africa were ready to reach many other children last year.


"Together we reach the world"

Other leaders such as Steve Douglass, Nate Vander Stelt, Dick Eastman, Bryant Underwood, Lou Engle, Kay Harner and Debbie Bresina were present at this high-profile meeting, as was Stephen Mutua, founder of the African Evangelist Network: "We are excited about what God is doing in Africa. A dark continent has become the continent of light and the light is coming out of Africa. Africa is becoming the center of Christianity and it is important that the light does not go out. We have a young population. This one is very excited and enthusiastic. Covid or not, people are so passionate about spreading the gospel."

Mutua stresses that he talked to his network about how to implement the Go Decade. "Can we do it? Yes we can, in Jesus name. Africa needs to be saved, in the bush and in the cities, on the highways and everywhere."


On the finish line

Dave Gibson noted that "millions of people are represented here by our organizers who are spreading the gospel in different ways. We can't do this alone. We need that wake-up call, a tsunami of prayer. I think that on the way to the finish line of the Great Commission, four things are important that Steve Douglass said are needed in the time of revival: Prayer is prioritized, it is the most important. The second thing: The body of Christ needs to be mobilized. This is now the biggest movement in church history. Third, unity must be there. Fourth, the gospel is proclaimed everywhere. People who have never shared the gospel can now do so in May."


Sipho Mseleku of South Africa, founder of both the "Global Fund for Jesus" and the "Global Business Round Table". "The Lord laid it on my heart to pray over the words of Isaiah that every knee should bow and every tongue confess. This is all about Jesus, it's our Father's business, that's what delights me about this movement. I am so grateful to be invited to this. We have to make sure we work together so we can save souls."


"Isn't that wonderful and hopeful?"

Werner Nachtigal observed, "Even pastors lose heart, but Jesus says that when pandemics and the like come, we need not fear. Because the gospel will also spread. We can reach two billion people this year - if we stand together. Isn't that wonderful? 100 million people can find the Lord this year and churches can be planted, isn't that wonderful and hopeful?"


The goal this year is to recruit more key partners around the world, Beat Baumann explains. "It's very encouraging to see that so many people have already been reached with the gospel, people want to work together, and the expectation and hope is that together we can reach more."


Key dates through the end of May

April 24 GO TRAIN Training Day

May 1 GO PRAY - Day of prayer in preparation for Go Month.



May 23 PENTECOST BROADCAST (Global Day of Prayer) and GO SEND

May 29 GO DAY (Global Outreach Day)


Key dates until the end of the year

  • Various national GO DECADE foundation meetings
  • #GoShareDay (youth and children), every last Saturday of the month

June through August: 90 Days of Hope

August 28: Global Day of Hope

October to December: Last Quarter Evangelism (children)

October 29-31: Baptism Weekend

December: GO CHRISTMAS (Christmas Outreach)


Detail about the Go Movement

Initiated in 2012, Global Outreach Day has developed into a worldwide evangelism movement - the Go Movement. The movement is partnered by numerous mission agencies and community organizations. According to the motto "Everyone can reach someone - together we can reach the world!", Go Month with diverse evangelistic activities takes place every year in May. Go Day (Global Outreach Day) is the highlight of this evangelistic month. The activities of the Go Movement extend throughout the year and, as part of the Go Decade, aim to reach every person worldwide with the Gospel by 2030. In 2020, more than 50 million Christians were evangelistically active as part of the Go Movement, and the gospel was proclaimed to 1.3 billion people.




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