How empty bottles fill hearts with the Gospel

Georgi Thomas began collecting empty bottles and cans in Adelaida, Australia, recycling them and using the money he made to help the homeless. Georgi, who has become part of the Go Movement, sees how God is changing people through this and how they are finding Jesus Christ.


"God clearly showed me to put away the trash, empty bottles and cans in Adelaide and in Australia so that I could recycle them and through that raise money for the homeless all over the world by providing them with blankets and food," recalls the Indian-origin Georgi Thomas, who has become part of Go Movement.

He said it was not clear to him at the time how an empty can multiply the Kingdom of God. From that, the Mustard Seed Family Project was born two years ago. "God is faithful, we see great changes in people's lives."


Rich or poor doesn't matter

"People ask why we are doing this," observes Georgi Thomas. "That's when I can tell them my life story. I tell them that Jesus loves them. Just like he loved me when I was in prison in India. That's where I heard the gospel." He sold alcohol illegally as a bartender. "I wasn't a Christian then, and I got angry at the person who told me Jesus loved me ..." Then he found the Christian faith himself when he heard the Gospel.

The help that Georgi Thomas delivers today with his team opens doors. "Especially with the persons who have nothing to eat." They are met as family members, he said. "It doesn't matter the color of your skin or whether you are rich or poor. Before God, all people are equal. I spend time like this with my brothers and sisters. We tell them about the unconditional love of Jesus. I know he is real and that he will return soon."


Sacrificing time for Kingdom

To share that love, Georgi Thomas is happy to sacrifice his time. "It's very important to share the Gospel, sometimes we have to be more flexible with the use of time." People have problems, hardships, some think about suicide, so it is important to use the time for them.

"For example, we have a lot of Aborigines on the streets. They suffer from alcohol problems. We give them food and spend time with them, it's very important. When they trust, they open up. We saw how they like to be prayed for." He also experiences this openness with homeless people.


"That's how they experience the Kingdom of God"

"When people experience the love of God like this, they are open to accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior." Time and again, Georgi Thomas witnesses people finding Jesus. "Every person feels the same physical or spiritual hunger."

At a weekly outreach, Georgi Thomas additionally talks about the Gospel. "We give food and ask if we can pray for them. We also witness people being healed." In a short time, individuals can be completely changed for eternity, "with the power of the Holy Spirit." Some have already heard that Jesus loves them, "but they've never seen the action. God can use anyone, including me. I'm nothing. I just collected and recycled sweepings and bottles and distributed food to people."


After healing found

His team tries to stay in touch with people who have become Christians and offer discipleship.

With his team, he also reaches out to tribal areas in Asia and Africa. "In one place, a whole village community came to Jesus Christ because a woman was healed who could no longer walk. They had tried witchcraft, but it worked me. When it was possible again through the intervention of Jesus Christ, the whole community found God."




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