Launch in Zambia - "We don't want to keep the Good News to ourselves"

"It is urgent that we spread the Good News," Bishop Paul Mususu sums up. At the launch of Go Decade Zambia at April 20th, the chairman of Evangelical Fellowship Zambia further told that it is important "that we share what we have." Namely, the Good News of Jesus Christ. "The urgency is now," he said.


"The majority of people do not know the wonderful redemption, forgiveness, peace and love that is available through Jesus Christ," explains Bishop Stephen Safwali, pastor of Antioch Bible Church. "They are on their way, to a Christless future. That's tragic." That's why, he says, it's important to mobilize the whole Christianity at the grass-roots level to reach all people groups. "It's not about the pastors, all Christians are called to answer the call to take the message of Christ to all." No one organization can do this alone, "only the whole body of Christ. This in a way that has never been done before." Every Christian should be able to talk to five other people about the Christian faith, explains Stephan Safwali regarding Go Month.


"Africa is the center of revival"

"We have to reach the world with the Gospel," said Werner Nachtigal, International President of the Go Movement. "Africa is the center of revival, it's the place where the fire burns." At a large prayer event with a million people, he said, Luke 10:2 was quoted, "The harvest is great, but the laborers are few - send me! Let's imagine Zambia this year. We pray, 'Lord of the harvest, send me, I will preach the gospel, on the main roads, side roads, family members, I will win souls.'"

Never, he said, has one seen a crisis like the Covid pandemic now. "But God has the answer. God can use every believer. We are living in historic times! The goal is not to start a new organization, but to get the Body of Christ moving."


"Every Christian has a calling"

Joining in as continental leader was Bishop Stephen Mutua, founder of the "African Evangelist Network" explained that now one African country at a time, the nationwide Go Decade launches are taking place with indigenous church associations, alliances and ministries in each; as just happened in Zambia. Mutua explained that every Christian has received a call for their life. "My call is not yours and that of yours is not mine. But we are called by the same Jesus and by the same love. Each one of us has to go. We don't sit around, but we set out, may the Lord help us reach Zambia and Africa."

"We have received the Great Commission," oriented Beat Baumann, International Director of Go Movement and Executive Director of Livenet. "It's about prayer, evangelism and discipleship. We are called to make disciples of all people."


"Don't keep the Good News to yourself!"

"Gospel means 'good news,'" explains Bishop Paul Mususu, chairman of Evangelical Fellowship Zambia. "Because of the pandemic, you hardly hear good news. As evangelicals, we are bearers of the Good News." It's important not to keep the Good News to ourselves, he said. "It's urgent that we spread it." That's precisely why the Go Decade is important, "that we share what we have. The Good News of Jesus and of God who can change lives." You can't sit on the Good News and not share it. "The urgency is now. We're excited to be a part of it in Zambia."

"It's about mobilizing and training all Christians to reach every person in Zambia," holds Bishop Joseph Imakando, General Overseer of Bread of Life Church International (BLCI). "Together, we can reach Zambia and the whole world."


Jesus' last words

"In most cultures, when someone goes, you ask what are his last words or what was his last will and testament," Alfred Kalembo leader of "Pilgrim Wesleyan Church." "Jesus' last words were, 'Go and make disciples!' Every person we meet who doesn't know Jesus has the potential to become a follower of Jesus Christ." It is important that we heed the last words of Jesus calling to go and make disciples.

It takes every Christian to do this. Bishop Saulos Phaika, President of Church Council Zambia (CCZ).

"Mission needs people like you and me."


"Bible calls all"

Lutangu Lubasi, country director of African Enterprise (AEI) speaks of a joy to be at the launch of Go Decade Zambia. "In most churches, evangelism doesn't exist, it's done by leaders, or it has a low priority. However, the Bible calls everyone to it without exception."

"The Great Commission should not be misunderstood as something he said only to his disciples. It applies today. It was the greatest instruction of all time. If we as followers of Jesus misunderstand this fundamental instruction, we miss the essence of our purpose and call for missions," emphasizes Bishop George Bweupe, leader of the Apostolic Church Zambia (ACZ). "It's about carrying out the Great Commission. It's about obeying Jesus." He said it's about finding the passion that the early church had.


"Anyone can reach someone"

Other messages came from Efraim Tendero, general secretary of the "World Evangelical Alliance" WEA and Dave Gibson, of Go USA and Bishop Andrew Mwenda, director of Evangelical Fellowship Zambia.

Next, working groups and national goals are now being put together to tackle Go Month, May 2021, as efficiently as possible.

National Go Movement coordinator Bishop Joshua HK Banda noted, "We see today that we are not alone as organizations and as individual Christians. The family is big and strong. We can do more, we are to do more, in Jesus' name." It is a great encouragement that so many community organizations and ministries in Zambia are involved. "Together we can transform society. Everyone can reach someone."




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