Go Decade Launch India: The Gospel is not in Lockdown

India is now home to 1.392 billion people. "Jesus Christ died on the cross for them all, not just for a few. The urgency to spread the Gospel is great," read one of the votes at the April 20 launch of Go Decade India. "India belongs to Christ," one participant held.


"Despite Corona, the Gospel is not in lock-down," said Pastor Simon Ponniah, continental Go Decade leader. Despite the isolations, the Good News is being shared. "Our churches and missions across the country are standing up together and breaking down political and cultural barriers."

These have existed for 2000 years and are now being overcome by the Gospel, Simon Ponniah looks ahead. He also wants the unreached people groups to hear about Jesus.


"God wants to do great things in the next ten years"

Daniel Ponraj, bishop of the Frontier Church Council: "It is something wonderful that God wants to do. God is going to do great things in the next ten years." In these difficult times of Corona, the Christian community needs to step up. "A lot of our team is young. We want to see the world find Jesus. Our generation wants to spread what's close to their heart."

At the same time, "training and discipleship is very important that each person is equipped and can share their faith. People are hungry for the gospel. We have anti-conversion laws and persecution. We need to show that the whole body of Christ is behind us. The day will come when we can celebrate."


India with key role

With a population of 1.392 billion, India is poised to replace China as the most populous nation. Moreover, the giant nation accounts for no less than 18.1 percent of the world's population. "India plays a key role," explains Beat Baumann, International Director of the Go Movement and Managing Director of Livenet during the meeting.

In addition to its size domestically, the diaspora is also unimaginably large. "Indian people live all over the world. Tell them about the Go Decade too," Beat Baumann encouraged. "Let's meet again in a year, two, three years and see what happens." Also important, he said, is launching task forces and promoting discipleship and prayer.


"Privilege, not option"

Bishop Samantaroy of the Church of North India, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir: "It's a privilege, not an option." And Gershom Arul of "YouVersion" offers to develop special Bible reading plans for the Go Decade. Nine Indian languages are already among the most widely read translations worldwide.

Vijayesh Lal of the Evangelical Fellowship of India and Sushil Thiagi of "Evangelical Explosion" assured their presence, as did many others, such as Brother Praveen Darole of "Christian Vision": "God is giving us the opportunity on the Internet to reach people online. People are looking for meaning in our regions."


Jesus came for all Indians

"I was in India many times," recalled Werner Nachtigal, International President of the Go Movement. "I learned there that there are two hot things: The Holy Spirit and Indian green chilies."

India is now home to 1.392 billion people. "Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of them, not just a few. The urgency to spread the gospel is great. Once I asked a guru what will happen if he dies that night. He said that he did not know. I told him the gospel and he found him. The urgency is there." Many organizations, prayer movements and community associations are working together to reach the world in the next decade. "Is it possible to reach China and India with the gospel? We believe that with God, everything is possible. It is his passion, his heart. God wants all people to be reached. We don't believe that the answer is another program from anyone. We believe that God and Jesus want the local churches to need. Let's activate the whole community to pray. Let every village and every person hear about Christ."


"People are hungry for Christ"

The pandemic has hit Christian communities hard, says Dilip Seq, South Asia area director of Faith Comes by Hearing. "But God is at work. People are hungry for Christ and for truth. The Go Movement provides a wonderful opportunity to work together and let people know about it."

Pastor Koshy, of Indian Pentecostal Churches, is glad to see more being done for the unreached people groups. "My prayers and support are there."

Rajesh Malaki, of the "National Christian Council" stated, "I am very happy to be part of this movement." and

Kalai Devadasan of "Target oriented Evangelism" held, "It started with a day, now a month and then a decade." Say Go Day, Go Month, Go Decade. "We are doing training program, the harvest is big, there are few workers. We want to train more people. So far seven percent in the churches are interested in evangelizing, we want to increase that to 15 percent."


"We will win them for God"

Pastor Devaraju of the Amos Prayer Network says Jesus' command is to go to all nations and all peoples and make disciples of all. "How can we reach this great nation. It is a great burden. And this great burden must lead to a great commitment. Load fill the church with the Holy Spirit, we will win India for God. May the Lord give great revival."

Vinod Kumar Tyagi held, "The need is great. If Jesus has a heart for India, so should we. My church prays for India, we want to reach India." And Zelhou Keyho emphasized, "Our story is His story." The pandemic is awakening the Christian community. "We are working together and my prayer is that God will bless the Go Movement."


"India belongs to Christ"

The Go Launch India was hosted by Onassis Jeevaraj, national coordinator of the Go Movement.

And Pastor Jimmy Joseph, in his closing remarks, declared, "The Holy Spirit is moving in our country. When Jesus says, 'Go,' it also means technology. Go Movement stands for everyone becoming a witness. Encourage people to reach out to those they know online." Over 90 percent of Christians don't share the faith. A simple tool to pass this on is "The Four," according to Jimmy Joseph. "It's time to spread the Good News. Go, reach people, India belongs to Christ."




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