Go Month started with a lot of prayer

In these days the first Go Month has started. The 1st of May was declared as the start of the day of prayer, during which several million people worldwide prayed, with the urgent wish that as many people as possible would be saved.


The images are impressive. For example, Christians in the Dominican Republic formed a chain to pray together for Go Month and Go Decade. It is expected that around 50 million Christians will be active during the current month of May, witnessing to their faith in a variety of ways.


Prayer opens doors

"Pray - Care and Share. We have started praying," reports Daniel Oscar, the National Go Movement Coordinator of the Dominican Republic, for example. "Prayer opens the doors for further action and it removes the obstacles."

During trainings of congregations, members are encouraged to share the faith using "The Four," the well-known four points of CRU (Campus), which can be used to share the Gospel with fellow people in a simple way.


Pastries in Brazil - Megaphone in Cameroon

Already pictures are arriving from all over the world, of Christians in action. Among others, Brazilian Christians can be seen displaying large cloth posters with which they express that Jesus loves people. Furthermore, in the largest country in South America in terms of area, pastries and evangelistic writings were distributed during outreaches.

In Cameroon, too, Christians took to the streets to share their faith - even using a megaphone, among other things.


Off the streets in South Africa

Pastor Lulu from South Africa shares an uplifting experience from last weekend: "Pastor Carl, senior pastor of Elim Prayer Chapel, tells of Bulelani, a young man from the Eastern Cape whom they met while preaching the Good News. Bulelani was homeless and using illegal drugs until a week ago. As they talked to him and showed him compassion and the love of God, they discovered how intelligent he actually is. Bulelani has only one year left to finish his bachelor's degree in industrial psychology. The church has offered him a shower, provided him with clothes and helped him get a job at a private company in Durban." His life and soul were saved, Pastor Lulu reports. The Great Commission is about to be fulfilled, she says.




Go Decade