God writes history in Nepal: people find healing

The Creator loves people in Nepal - Christians experience this again and again. The Go Movement team met a Christian whose relative was healed from a serious illness – the hospital had already sent him home to die. This led to this person finding a living relationship with God; through him, others came.


Significant progress is currently happening in Nepal. God is leaving miraculous footprints. "An elderly believer told us that a relative of his was sick with cancer," recalls M.J. (name and abbreviation changed). "They brought him food." But because of his condition, he was barely able to take in food. "Three other believers heard about it."

He was discharged from the hospital, they said, "Go home and die, you're dead. You can eat whatever you want, it's all useless now."


Others also interested

His Hindu family came to see him, he was now lying in bed at home - he knew it was over now. Then three simple Christians came and prayed for him. They prayed for him for a month. "He started eating again, and he has since been completely healed."

He chose to live with Christ, and he told others about it. "Now several people have already become Christians through him. He went back to the mountains where he came from, again to tell others about it."


God helps in hard times

"Many have depression or want to take their own lives," M.J. observed, so Christians like to tell others about the hope they have found. Among those hopefuls is S.S. (Not the right name), also from the Go Movement team, "I suffered from Covid." After surviving the difficult situation, he gladly shared the gospel and encourages others to do so as well.


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Tue, 05/11/2021