Sierra Leone: Reaching people through football, music and food

During Go Month, people in Sierra Leone are reached through soccer, music and food - as well as one-to-one evangelism. Challenges are there due to the vast country and hard-to-reach regions, but the Go Movement Sierra Leone team doesn't want to forget anyone with a focused strategy.


"We are very strategic," explains Apostle Desmond Johnson of Go Movement Sierra Leone. In some places, it's difficult to meet people one on one. That's why it's important to be constructive. "For example, with music and food. It's about taking care of the needs." This is true to the slogan: "Pray, Care, Share, Disciple."

Through Go Day (formerly Global Outreach Day), many people have been won to Jesus Christ in previous years. "In the current year, many Christian churches are now joining in."


Found from drugs

Many people now found in the current year as well. Pastor Nat Komba reports that teams are going door-to-door, for example. And Desmond Johnson recalls that while not as much was possible last year because of Covid-19, "we were planning baptisms for the now current year."

Time and again, people find Jesus through the outreaches. "For example, we met a young man who was a drug addict. He was just out drinking. We talked to him, explained the gospel, and he connected with other Christians - he now wants to be baptized."


People found during Ramadan

Several people found Christ during Ramadan this year. A young evangelist from Freetown goes on to report that people are being pushed by the Go Movement to evangelize more and Christians are finding more people as a result. Nat Komba explains that it is to become the Life Style of Christian communities. "With sharing trucks, we are now reaching one on one in the marketplaces."

Personal evangelism through the G.O.D. (Global Outreach Day) in earlier years meant that evangelism is now not "just" the responsibility of evangelism teams, but that all believers can be witnesses for Christ. "Every individual has a responsibility," Nat Komba holds. For example, in one's own workplace.


Often long journeys

"One of the challenges is that there are many cities and sub-cities that you can get to by bike or motorcycle, sometimes you have to walk for hours and it's dangerous," Desmond Johnson explains. "But through the love of God, we are motivated to reach these areas."

In addition, the Go Month Youth Task Force organizes soccer tournaments to reach youth in Kalangba Chiefdom in northern Sierra Leone with the Gospel.

Also, the Go Movement reports of a man who is a teacher and was a Muslim who accepted Jesus Christ during the Go Month outreach. He wants to lead his entire family to Christ after receiving a tract.


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