How a Car-Alarm leads to Christ

“I couldn’t be more excited about ‘one a day in May’”, says Kyle Lance Martin, founder of “Time to Revive”. “This challenge for believers all over the world, to go, share the gospel every day in May – 31 days, and I got to tell you: God is truly inspired me through our friends – let’s go, do this!”


The alarm

One day he came to a gas-station. “This car next to me, the alarm was going crazy. And obviously the guy was not there, he was inside. It turns out, that his dog set of the alarming. One thing led to the other. I went over and say: ‘Hey man, …’ and we laughing about the alarm and having a good time.”


“Can I pray for you?”

Then Kyle ask: “Then I just say: ‘Is there anything I can pray for you?’ As I started to pray for him, something started to shift. He started to soften. I give him this colorful treatise, that walks him to the gospel.” Kyle offer, to explain more. “I went to my car, put out this little bible and as we read through the word of God, something shifted radically, not just from the prayer but from the word.”



The other man felt something. “So I challenged him and say: ‘Hey look, do you want to go home and ask the Lord, if this is real.’ But 20 minutes later he texted me: ‘I just crying and weeping in my car and I surrender my life to Christ.’”

And in the next week a process started of disciple him. “And this came from ‘One a day in May’. Please go do this, lives are ready to be changed, when you released the word of God.”


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