DR Congo: Soldiers and rebels welcomed Jesus

In inaccessible and dangerous areas in DR Congo, people found Christ during GO DAY. GO MOVEMENT national coordinator Jean-Pierre Kazongo reports that people from rebel groups, among others, found Jesus, as did soldiers and many more people throughout the country.


"Our country is very big," explains Jean-Pierre Kazongo, National GO MOVEMENT Coordinator in DR Congo. After Algeria, former Zaire is the second-largest country on the continent in terms of area. The size is a challenge. "I praise God that we were able to reach unreached. We evangelized among the Pygmies."

In the 26 provinces, the Gospel could be shared in villages and towns.


Members of rebel groups found

The eastern part of the country is unstable. "There is war, the Corona virus, a volcanic eruption, rebel groups - but the gospel of Jesus Christ could be shared. GO DAY was able to be carried out successfully. My God is good."

According to Jean-Pierre Kazongo, the first report shows that Muslims, soldiers and members from rebel groups received Jesus.


"My country is a miracle"

"This year is a special year," Jean-Pierre Kazongo says. "In dangerous villages, people received the Gospel. GO DAY is a success. I praise God, the work continues. My country is a miracle."


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