Ethiopia: After healing, sending church emerged with 200 members

In Ethiopia, a man was healed on an earlier GO DAY (then Global Outreach Day). A church was formed in his place, which is now taking the Gospel to other villages even during GO MONTH. The Good News is also increasingly being taken to previously unreached areas.


During GO MONTH, Werner Nachtigal, the international president of GO MOVEMENT, visited Ethiopia for nine days where he encountered the impact of previous GO DAYS (then Global Outreach Day). "The elderly man in the picture (article's starting image) was healed four years ago when we met him at Global Outreach Day 2017. Ten years ago, he was not able to talk and walk." He didn't know what to do.

"The doctors couldn't help him and the witch doctors were also powerless. But we knew that  doctor Jesus could intervene." Four years ago, the prayer miracle happened. "He was completely healed on the spot."

Sending congregation emerged

Werner Nachtigal recalls, "When I saw him four years ago, he was about 45 kilograms. Now he has become a strong man. He walks and talks. We also explained the gospel to him at that time." Many people saw this tremendous change. "In the meantime, a church with 200 visitors has been built in this place, and these people now spread the message to other villages in GO MONTH."

Werner Nachtigal also met a young woman who had almost died earlier, she was bedridden for six months and in the hospital they said they could not help anymore. "She thought she was going to die, but she was completely cured. She had really suffered at that time, four years ago, but after prayer she smiled, got up and said she hadn't been able to walk for six months before."

Gospel draws circles

Overall, the gospel has now been shared far and wide on this year's GO DAY. "We went to a market where at least 1,000 people were listening. One woman could no longer walk, but after prayer she got up and danced. In the evening I went to a remote tribe where we stayed for two nights. There were already a few believers there, and there, too, people were healed and found Jesus."

"Jesus" film in prison and with tribe

Furthermore, the film "Jesus" could be shown in a prison. "120 people were there, including really dangerous criminals, including murderers. Many were saved."

In an unreached tribe, the "Jesus" film was also shown, after which Werner preached. "There were two groups after that. Some laughed, others cried - many were saved. Others were not rejoicing and afterwards threw stones at the wagon and wanted to beat us. It was like in the Acts of the Apostles. In one hospital, 30 people were saved."

Now, he said, work is underway to continue reaching the unreached people groups and planting churches.

Church planted after death

A year ago, around GO 2020, a man had died (the one with the red cap in a picture), Werner Nachtigal explains. "His body was already washed for burial. A pastor came and prayed for him and God raised him from the dead. Many people had witnessed that and found faith after that. Now they have planted a church in the past year."

Nachtigal summarized, "There were snakes, dangerous situations but in the middle people were touched and saved and we saw the fruit from last year and the fruit from four years ago. We continue to work together and I'm convinced we'll see overwhelming fruit from these partnerships."

The important thing, he said, is the total package. After all, he said, it's not simply a matter of asking who has accepted God after a sermon so that people then wave their hands and the whole thing is done. "We believe in the total package. This includes discipleship and church planting."




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Wed, 06/16/2021