Glory be to God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who graciously chose us as His servants in His vineyard with the specific mission to make disciples of all nations and to teach them to obey whatever He taught us. It’s with joyful heart that we, in Prayer Covenant, have one more time, obeyed the injunction of the Master during this month of May 2021 which has been set up as G) month. We thank God for the partnership of Prayer Covenant and the All-Africa Baptist Youth Fellowship. In actuality, that partnership eased the implementation of our planned activities. We also praise the Name of the Lord for Guinos Foundation members that owned the vision of May’s outreach and helped as an organization team to lead efforts and strategies. Before the month of May, we prepared people through flyers like the below one to get ready for the outreach.


We have placed our activities of Go’s month under the theme: Saturate your Atmosphere with the Gospel. As the below poster shows it, our target was to have at least 200k children and young people sharing the Gospel and praying for souls winning and the Father’s affairs during the month of May. We also targeted to share the Gospel with at least 4 million people and we expected 200k people to be newly converted.

Just like 2020 outreach, prayer took an important place in May 2021’s operations. Thus, we assigned one or two countries to each Youth Department of National Denominations and we covered the whole month of May by praying for souls winning and the specific needs of countries in Africa. The pictures below show enough. The report and the commitment of each country for that prayer operation leads us to estimate the number of churches that have prayed for the program to 15,000 churches. We had prayer meetings that were in French, English and Portuguese.

Every day, we shared an interpretation of one verse or passage of the Scripture in three languages: English, French and Spanish. We released daily flyers through WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, Facebook and other social media. We also tracked how many people read our daily flyers through WhatsApp status. We are really thankful to the Lord for the online ministry that has been really effective more than LQE 2020’s number.


  • Number of Countries that partook in the Program: 36
  • Number of Churches that have prayed for souls winning: 12,212
  • Number of Churches that have shared the Gospel in one way or another: 9,071
  • Number of Evangelists tracked for Digital Evangelism (WhatsApp only): 123,274
  • Number of Evangelists for physical outreaches only: 97,772
  • Number of People Reached with Printed (flyers, cards) Resources: 2,128,000
  • Number of People Reached Digitally: 2,899,637
  • Number of People Reached with General Outreach and other various non digital Operations: 871,200
  • Number of People Touched by the Gospel:  5,828,917
  • Number of People that Committed to the Lord: 143,433

PLAN FOR LQE (Last Quarter Evangelism) 2021

People can’t just wait for the next occasion. Even though the month of May’s operation has been closed, people removed the date on daily flyers and are still sharing as it appears below with no date. This is a great encouragement for us to plan LQE 2021 as people are ready to take it. We did not just end the month of May’s operation and leave our people with no plan. But we announced them to get ready for Last Quarter Evangelism.

Before planning LQE 2021, it is important to see which percentage of our target of May 2021, did we accomplish. Numbers reveal that, about 12 000 local churches were involved in the program and that:

  • 123,274 + 97,772 = 221, 046 evangelists were mobilized for the program. That number represents 110.5% of the target.
  • 5,828,917 have been touched over 4,000,000 planned and that corresponds to 145.7% of the target.
  • 143,433 were committed to the Lord over 200,000 planned and that is 71.7% of the target.

We have had these results because of:

  • Prayer commitment
  • Online strategies development
  • Prayer Covenant has printed 800, 000 evangelism flyers and 500, 000 evangelism cards or a total of 1.3 million evangelism tracts.
  • Ivory Coast, Niger, Togo, Gabon, Nigeria, Congo Democratic have printed few copies of evangelism flyers
  • There were few existent evangelism flyers that people used in several countries.

These results help to plan the following things for Last Quarter Evangelism (LQE 2021) to:

  • Mobilize 25, 000 local churches and 500, 000 evangelists
  • Reach 12, 000, 000 souls with the Gospel
  • See 500, 000 people committed to the Lord
  • We shall conserve all the existent ways of operation described from page 2 of the current report.
  • We shall attract some countries that are not yet participating to also participate
  • We shall work so to help more local churches be committed
  • We shall work on the number of evangelists per local churches
  • We shall encourage churches to invest in printing evangelism flyers.
  • We shall request Prayer Covenant to print 2 million evangelism flyers and one million prayer covenant evangelism cards.
  • We are going to select 9 verses that speak on each theme of Prayer Covenant (so a total of 90 verses) and we are going to interpret and illustrate each verse with one image and share one a day during the 92 days of Last Quarter. The 25 of December and 31 of December will be particular messages. We are going to prepare these messages in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in order to cover all Africa. We prayerfully want to get messages ready in Arabic if we find a translator.
  • We shall motivate local churches and Evangelism groups to organize 5,000 evangelism campaigns.

We are so grateful to the Lord to enable us to go through May 2021. We are also thankful to the Lord for the Prayer Covenant Leadership (Our CEO and the Board), the AABYF’s leadership and Guinos Foundation leadership for their encouragement and commitment. Without what, it will be difficult to achieve the goal. We have tried new methods that did work for tracking and we shall continue to seek input for improvement.

To God be the Glory!




Go 21


Sat, 06/19/2021