GO 21 Report - Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Evangelical Fellowship, due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, changed strategy to motivate pastors and leaders of evangelical churches who in past years actively participated in evangelism promoted by Global Evangelism.  

For this  purpose we carried out  the  following  activities:

  • The president of the Ecuadorian Evangelical Confraternity (C.E.E.), Pr. Estuardo López was interviewed on the television channel, Asoma Visión. In the interview, he called on Christians of the  country  to  evangelize in the month of May with creative initiatives presenting  Christ  as Lord  and  Savior,  using various  means  such as  telephone  and social   networks, to reach    family, friends,  neighbors, co-workers who still do not know Christ  as  their  Lord  and  Savior. In this  interview,  he expressed to the  audience  the commitment  we have as individual Christians and as churches to evangelize not  only  in  the  month  of      May,  but at  all times  practicing  evangelism  as  a  way  of  life.
  • In April  and  May,  the  promotional    video  for  Evangelismo Global was  broadcast on Asoma Visión.  
  • The Ecuadorian  Evangelical  Fellowship  organized a  virtual  forum,  "Challenges  of  Evangelism  for the  GO  Decade",  in    which  more than    200 pastors  and leaders participated.  The speakers  of this  forum  were  these  pastors:  Rev. Rigoberto Vega,  Director  of Global Evangelism for Latin America, and Rev. David Noboa,  Ecuadorian evangelist  representing several national ministries.
  • The president of the E.C.E. encouraged forum participants to participate with their churches, denominations, and evangelical organizations in Global Outreach Day and indicated that as C.E.E., we can facilitate evangelistic outreaches.
  • In several  virtual meetings,    the Ecuadorian Evangelical Fellowship  invited the pastors and leaders participating to carry out, according to their availability, training sessions to equip believers for evangelism  during the month  of  May. More than 1,500 pastors and leaders connected through virtual meetings.

In this year,  due to the  restrictions  from the  pandemic,  the churches  could not have their face-to-face activities, which prevented that as Ecuadorian Evangelical Fraternity trains pastors, leaders and members of the churches  to  evangelize, nor  could  joint  efforts  be  made  with  other  organizations that  were  ready to  collaborate  with  the  C.E.E.   in    training.

Unfortunately for the economic situation that the Evangelical Brotherhood is going through, it does not have the necessary funds to visit the pastoral networks of various cities to promote Evangelismo Global. In addition, this year we did not have the contribution of the Go Movement.  The situation  we  are  living in  Ecuador did not  allow  us to collect  more  data from churches,  denominations,  and organizations that have carried out various  evangelization activities.  

The Ecuador Bible Foundation (International Bible Society), through Brother Pablo Del Salto, delivered Bibles in different cities of the country it had teams  trained  to  evangelize.

In the city of Cuenca, the Tree of Life church in association with a foundation, organized a medical corps    serving  more than  1,000  people  who  were  evangelized  by the team. In this campaign, 900 people gave their lives to Christ by accepting him as  their  Lord  and  Savior.

In the city of Machala, in the neighborhood Gonzales, Rubio Pr. Miguel Velasquez, president of the pastors of this city,  gave refreshments to the poor children of the  neighborhood,  and preached to them  the message  of  salvation  in Christ  Jesus.

Here   Pastor  Miguel  Velásquez,  praying  for  the  sick  and relatives  who  are  hospitalized in the Teófilo Dávila Hospital in the city of Machala, also gave them a snack while they waited for the medical results. He also encouraged and gave them hope by sharing  the  Word of God.

We trust that God will allow us to advance  the evangelism activities in Ecuador next year with  the  support of the GO Movement.




Go 21


Thu, 06/24/2021